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The High-Vis Floating Wallet

Floating Wallets for Sports on the Water


Introducing, the Floating Wallet. Where better than Australia for playing in the water?

With so many of us taking to the Sea, Rivers or Lakes throughout the year, it’s easy to imagine how many personal items end up lost forever.

Regardless of whether you are Riding a Jet Ski, A Paddle Board or a Kayak, Surfing, Swimming, Driving a Boat or simply Fishing, the situation will inevitably arise, where you need to take your valuables along with you.

For the purpose of a Surf Wallet or a Boating Wallet, Fishing and Everyday activities are safer with a wallet that floats.

Ideal for

Jet Ski Storage
Kayak / Canoe Wallet
Water Skiing

Carry Your Licence

Know the Law

Wallet that floats with Licence holder

Secure ID Window

It is a legal requirement across Australia, for operators of Motorised Vessels to carry a valid Boat License at all times. For this reason, don’t go on the water without your Brag Wets Wallet.

Marine Wallet

It’s the law

Harsh penalties apply, with on the spot fines for persons unable to present licence when requested by Police. Consequently, Vessel Operators have lived in fear of losing licence to the water, but not anymore.

Floating Wallet by Brag Wets

Simple & Secure

Simply unzip the Floating Wallet and slip your Marine or Drivers Licence into the secure Window sleeve and present with ease if required. (Do not confuse with the Chums floating marsupial wallet)

Its all the materials


Why doesn’t it sink?

In the same way that a Life Vest keeps you afloat, the Brag Wets Wallet keeps your valuables above the surface and in clear sight. Internally are two super buoyant sealed panels.

Fabric Design Genius

Made from Hi Res Neoprene Material, the wallet also hides some very clever inner pockets. Notably, these pockets are filled with an extremely buoyant material we call [L.A.T]. Much in the way your life vest supports you, our L.A.T foam material allows the floating wallet to support up to an incredible 75 Grams of contents, even when full of water.

Locked Air Technology. L.A.T

Contained within the Wallet are two of our Super Buoyant L.A.T Panels, which give the Wallet its outstanding floating capabilities. To that end, even if left in the water for several days. Our Locked Air Technology and bright Neoprene Material keeps the wallet on the surface and easy to see.

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